Dec 31, 2014

Wow, these doll house scale dolls are by Dana Burton. She sent them to me as examples of what she has created using my Elizabeth porcelain doll mold set. I will be making many more porcelain 1:12 scale mold sets this year. These are an inspiration to me and what my clients want me to make for them. I will send out my monthly newsletter with dates of new mold releases when I get farther along on their progress. Hugs, Patricia

May 1, 2014


Here is the recent sculpture that I have finished and listed on eBay. There is a short tutorial included with the listing. Hope you enjoy it. Patricia

Feb 1, 2014

Elf and Fairy finished

I am almost finished with the couple (elf and fairy). I've been working for a few months on them in my spare time. Here are is a collage of many of the steps I did to create them. More of the finished glamour shots will be added in a few days. They are on eBay currently.( Jan 31, 2014) for a 10 day auction. Thanks for visiting this blog. Hugs, Patricia