Apr 26, 2015

Inspiration for the Pink lady tutorial

Pin up pink lady - one of a kind tutorial.

 I usually have a master plan and sometimes a photo that inspired the work in the first place. BUT, things change as the figure develops almost always. And besides, if I made an exact copy of something there might be legal restrictions or copyrights to deal with and I hope to avoid anything as such.

I will be calling this beauty... Pink Lady
 Follow along as I create her and see some of the tricks or problems that will arise and how I solve them as she comes to life. I will be making a detailed CD lesson tutorial of this art doll and it will be offered in full on eBay once I do the photos, pages and layout with instructions and supply list.

 My first issue was her setting. I have a sofa in pink already, but it may require a larger doll to fit on it for the correct scale. She is a large figure at 12" and I'll use about a pound of polymer clay for the entire piece. Remember that the larger the doll is in clay, the harder it is to make and manipulate but the detailing is much better. I want a pin up that is sensual, sexy and life like, not cartoon looking.
Here is the inspiration photo of a painting done by my favorite pin up artist OLIVIA.
                          Many more changes will come. Hugs, Patricia

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