Aug 19, 2015

Venetian lady with mandolin

ooooooop's..... I scrap one in every five of my art dolls while making them. Here is my latest victim in her new home. Oh well, it's back to the drawing board, literally. I will be starting over on this creation soon. Meanwhile I will work on finished 2 dolls that have been waiting for their final paintings and hairdo's.

Here is my current project. 8-19-2015 I made the head a few days ago and am now trying out how to pose her with the mandolin. Way too much fun!!! Will post more as I go. She (hopefully) will be a Venetian lady in a typical gown of the 1700's.  Wish me luck. Patricia

making armatures in advance

Hi, Just thought I'd drop in with todays all day long project. I have 3 cookie sheets of these in many different sizes to make today. I'm stocking up in advance. It's just easier to make the armatures in groups than doing them one at a time.
 I wear white cotton gloves to work on the wire... then roll out lots of white Sculpey clay (cheaper to buy in bulk) and add that clay to the wire armatures in the areas that are larger. The final good clean clay will be added later once I plan out the doll I will be working on.
 I just pick an armature that is already made with this underneath clay already fired on hard at 285 degrees for 40 minutes. And I use a cookie sheet only at this stage. Otherwise metal will burn your dolls, use only glass for the finished doll when baking.
 Having done this whole process makes sculpting on your one of a kind doll so much easier. They don't wiggle around so much. And as you can see, there is no clay added wherever there would be a joint, so the armature is totally posable for your next creation!
Have a great day, I am, I love this and just dream of all the new dolls/figures I will be making out of these armatures. Patricia

Aug 9, 2015

I finally finished the spiral tailed mermaid. It's a portrait of my granddaughter Rebecca.
The mermaid can be posed 12 different ways on her 14" tall setting.

Aug 5, 2015

The pink lady is finished and will be list on auction Thursday 8-6-2015. She took me about 80 hours to make.

Probably my best doll to date. Hugs, Patricia

I sold the golden angel on eBay to a lady in Spain. Here are a few photos of her.

a few more Pink lady tutorials