Feb 5, 2015

 I sculpt heads on the end of my finger most of the time. If you have hot hands it is not something that will work for you. I'm cold all the time, so it does not effect the clay much. This is ProSculpt light clay, still my all time favorite polymer clay. I leave the hole in the back of her head where my finger was and fire her that way. Then I fit her to the neck and fill in the back of her head if I need too. The whole trick to getting good at this is controlling the clay. So I do almost everything in stages and fire many times while making a figure from start to finish.  
Working on a new doll finally. She is almost finished. I have her body, costume and setting completed but am just now sculpting her head. I had one on her but it looked too pin up like. So I ripped her head off and started over. It happens sometimes, the face doesn't match the theme. I'll finish her this weekend and will put her photos on here and also on eBay for auction.
 I'm thinking about going back to my previous auction style where I included photos of each project in progress. It was fun, and I did get lots of responses as well as questions on sculpting. Gotta keep you all interested. Hugs, Patricia