Sep 30, 2020

I have barely used this blog in the past. But will be using it instead of a website to show my latest porcelain and polymer one of kind figurines and dolls. I also have an old website that is still active and have an eBay store where I sell plaster molds to help the artist in you make dolls like mine without all the work. You do not have to know the anatomy or be a sculptor, in order to make fairies, mermaids, and other figures in polymer clay. My plaster molds range from tiny 2-inch tall ladies to 12" ladies, men, and even several babies of different sizes and ages. I will not have a platform to add comments directly on this blog but do have an email so you can write to me with any questions you may have about my work, their price, and shipping. I have posted the website link, ebay store link, and my email for you to visit or contact me. I do not text sorry. Enjoy visiting here often to see my love for all pretty lady dolls. Hugs, Patricia

ebay seller name: patriciarosestudio

my Pom puppy website:


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