May 23, 2017

Theme is: The light of the silvery moon tale
    The moonlight goddess casts her rays gathered from the light of the silvery moon. Catch one of her moonbeams and you will have shinning good luck for a lifetime to come.
She comes with all items pictured. The multi layered silver gown a silver staff and a silver base stand. She is removable from the base. Her head, arms and legs do not move. Her hair is the natural color of the blonde alpaca it came from. She has detail painted eyes. She is perfectly to scale and proportioned as a human would if 10" tall. She is all porcelain, with fired china paint so her features will not rub off.
She is the first of 20 limited edition porcelains of her face. All 20 dolls I will be making will be costumed and wigged differently and have a different theme.  
Thanks for following my art dolls. Patricia Rose

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